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Wanna Get Highlander?

Our hosts Dr. Pickle and Mr. Mo Reese comment on their current TV obsessions, and then watch and try to deconstruct an episode of Highlander: The TV Series. They're not particularly skilled in keeping on track- especially later in the episodes, but they'll at least attempt to figure out where Duncan keeps his sword.

Trailer Trashed

Our latest podcast! Avilable now on iTunes and Stitcher! Every week-ish, our crack team of analysts (not a team of analysts on crack) sits down in the trailer, gets trashed, watches trailers, and trashes them.

About Us

We're just a bunch of grown up kids with a dream and britches that don't quite fit. Feel free to send us an email, tweet at us, blow smoke signals in our general direction, buy us a beer, or buy someone else a beer in our honor. Seriously, please buy us a round.


Hilarious and the good sort of ridiculous

Brilliant hosts and a fun assortment of guests make you feel like you're just hanging out with a cherry picked group of smart, possibly drunk friends. You can watch the episode of Highlander with them for the ultimate experience.

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